Exactly how much to prepare in acquiring diamonds engagement wedding rings?

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asked Feb 10, 2017 in HST251 by LisaDickens279 (120 points)

I am just intending to propose with my lover and like to get engagement rings Melbourne City. But, exactly what is the possible selling price i ought to prepare for this? The amount funds are desired? Exactly what is the popular value of most engagement wedding rings?

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answered Mar 17, 2017 by amelia22brown


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answered Mar 17, 2017 by TristanMallory21 (140 points)

Only one week is left for my weeding but still I am so confused which type ring to buy for my fiancé. I have shortlisted some rings at https://www.elmajewellery.co.uk/titanium-rings-c-246_31.html. But I want to get a ring of her choice. Though I knew that she will definitely like my choice but for her special day I want her to selecting something of her choice.

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