How to Write an Article Critique? both question and an Answer!

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An article critique gives a critical assessment of an article. In other words, an article critique provides a summary and an objective analysis of a given article. Basically, when reviewing an article, you are expected to explain to what extent a given author has managed to support the main points advanced in a given articles. This is to say that you should aim at giving your own impression based on verifiable evidence. This is to say that an article review is normally more than a mere summary of the article under review.

Before you can start writing an article review, there are several crucial questions that you need to ask yourself. First you need to ask yourself what are the academic qualification or area of expertise of the author, does the author use sufficient evidence to support his/her claims, is there some other evidence that would contradict the claims of the other and how reliable the methods used by the researcher are? You also need to ask yourself whether the author used logical evidence all not. This means that you ought to criticize every aspect of the article when writing an article review.

The step that follows after asking yourself some crucial questions bout the article under study is critically reading the book. You can do so by noting the areas that you agree and disagree with the author. Remember that when critiquing the article, you must provide evidence of why you disagree or agree with the author on certain points. It also goes without saying that you should start writing the critique by properly citing the article under review. This is to say that you should provide the key details of the article such as; the author’s name, title of the article, main thesis statement in the article and the year of publication.

After describing the article under study, you should now go ahead and assess whether the author’s evidence is still valid or outdated. You are also supposed to aim at explaining how well the author managed to accomplish the main objective of his/her article. This is to say that you must also provide a summary of the author’s main objectives as well as the main points that are expressed in his/her work. In conclusion, an article critique shows how well you have understood a given article under study. In addition, it helps you contribute in an academic discussion by showing that there are other methods and strategies to handle the same topic that can come up with the same or different information.

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