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asked Jan 10 in HST251 by Johnny game is quite addictive and space themed shooting game. When you start, you control a small and simple ship and use jewels to upgrade your features. When you upgrade your properties to earn a certain ship, you can update your ship to different types of spaceships, and these have different types of weapons and features. Different types of games are available in the game. These game types are briefly divided into four groups as survival mode, team mode, invasion, professional death match. The game's settings are also offered to increase and decrease according to the features of your computer.

How to Play
You can play the game passively until you're strong enough to avoid other players and defend yourself, or I think you can play as aggressive and attack other people walking around. Among my personal observations about the game, larger ships often have to play together in teams, so it's better to make friends during the game or start playing the game with one of your friends. Strategy
This game offers you two options for each action. Either you can use your arrow with the arrow keys, you can shoot with the space bar or you are using your mouse. When you use your mouse to shoot with the left click, you hold the right button and you are directing your ship. I personally recommend this option because you have easier control over your movements. It is very important to use the small map in the lower right corner of the game screen. With this map you can see the enemy ships and the game winner. This will help us to understand where enemies can attack.

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