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You control a colored line in the world of Splix.io and you have a small area. You can enlarge this area by drawing shapes with your line and connecting them to the area where you have them. But in doing so, you'll be surrounded by your opponents who try to do the same, in this game you either attack with your line or attack the area you have.

How to Play Splix.io?
We have already passed the most basic information of this game, but here is a little more information: because it is safer and more effective, you will want to enlarge your space a little. Keep in mind that you can't draw in a very big way, there is a limitation, and you die when you reach this limit, so I suggest you grow with smaller structures. Your goal is to place a large area on the map or even half the map if you are ambitious. This means taking over the areas of your enemies, and once you have captured all of your fields, your enemies will be destroyed, which you can use to your advantage.

Splix.io Strategy
The controls in this game are pretty simple because this game can play easily from people of all age groups. You perform all controls in the game with the WASD or arrow keys. Before starting the game you must decide which game mode to play. This game modes is the only one and team game. Efficient use of the small map in the game will help you to achieve the first place in the leadership in the game. When you see your enemies going in different directions, you should start to take over their territories immediately.

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