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asked Jan 10 in HST251 by asd is a great variation of popular io games such as and and invites you to a tetris-style world with great shapes. You start in small size and collect other shapes to grow in order to grow your mass and destroy other enemy shapes.

How to Play Blockorio
In the world of you will find yourself surrounded by passive shapes and also by the shapes controlled by the players. Since you will start as the smallest figure on the server, it is recommended that you collect passive shapes until your dimension is slightly larger. The way in which your character gets in the game is very important because you need to think strategically to link the blocks together so that you can become the most powerful figure in the game. Once you've gained a little mass, you can get rid of everything around you and destroy all the blocks on your own! To destroy other players, just hit them, the biggest block will win! Strategy
All the player moves through your mouse, you can leave single blocks in front of you by pressing the W key at the time and you can also return with the D / A buttons. In this game, you will always have a more sensible move towards smaller opponents. Because the blocks of players that are usually smaller than you are small and fragmented. But if you attack a stronger and bigger opponent than your player, you are taking a big risk. The reason for this is that the blocks of big players are usually more powerful because they will be one-piece and bulky.

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