How to Use Instagram For Restaurant Marketing:

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Food is the first and foremost necessity among the people. Favorite dining places, restaurants, and attractive drinking places are always in people concerns. As it is the world of social media, people always want to share their experiences in the form of exciting photos and videos. As far as the food is a concern, people always love to share their photos and videos in restaurants. So, Instagram is the best platform for sharing photos and videos because it is photo and video sharing social networking app. Restaurants and hotels are flourishing and becoming famous all over the world through Instagram. In this article, I will share with you how to use Instagram to market your Restaurant. You can also use Instagram Auto Liker to skyrocket your Instagram Marketing because this tool is just made for Instagram marketing. There are so many Instagram Restaurant marketing tips but here is the list of best Instagram Restaurant Marketing Tips. 

Post Photos of the Restaurant Operations:

The first and foremost thing about the restaurant marketing on Instagram is to post the photos of your restaurant so that people become familiar with your restaurant. Take the high-quality photos of desserts, appetizers, dining rooms, and staff members. Post photos of the customers doing fun and also post behind the scene photos. These photos and videos on Instagram will automatically drive the people towards your account.

Introduce New Foods or Signature Beverages:

Instagram is giving opportunities to people all over the world to see the updated photos of the new food items. Just take photos of the new foods and molecular beverages from the restaurants and increase the number of followers on your Instagram account. Also, when people see pictures of new food items, definitely they will visit your restaurant.

Court Food Bloggers:

If you search for food bloggers, then you will find food bloggers in high quantity. There are so many food bloggers who are giving exposure to a large number of restaurants. If the food blogger has a large following, your restaurant can get a larger exposure and also the number of followers will increase. DM is also another way to attract the people. Just ask the people to follow you and then ultimately they will be interested in visiting your restaurant. Some bloggers or influencers will charge you for their services but don’t worry; these bloggers and influencers are giving you platform for a larger exposure. In the future, it will give your restaurant a lot of fame.

Interact With Patrons and Reward Them:

You can create a Fill in the Blank post to attract a customer. Also, the number of the following will increase. For example, you can write ‘The favorite ice cream dessert in our restaurant is ________.’  So the interest is developed in the followers. You can also engage the customers by asking the customers about the new dessert or ice cream flavor that you are offering newly. Also, you can ask the customers to share the beautiful and attractive photo of your restaurant and by making the contest of the best photo, the customer who wins in the contest with the best photo will be awarded different gift cards or a free meal. If you get the high rapport among your customers, then don’t hesitate to ask them to get the 300 followers to your followers and then he will be awarded a free meal.

Create a Home Base:

By creating a location page for your restaurant, your customers can approach you in an easy way. Your followers can easily tag you in their pictures. You can use a Foursquare for the business account. There is also an iPhone app of Instagram in which people can easily connect their photos to a foursquare location. Foursquare tells about the customers publically that when they are checked in at your restaurant or foursquare can remind you about the restaurant’s location when the customer is nearby.

Restaurant Interior:

One of the most important things about your restaurant success is the interior of your restaurant. As we all know that when people visit a certain place or a restaurant, they like to share the pictures of the restaurants and their interiors. So if your restaurant has a captivating, attractive, eye catching, lush and comfortable interiors, then definitely people will take the photos of your restaurant’s interior. When people share these Pictures on Instagram, then your number of followers, as well as the number of customers, will increase. You can also post the photos of your restaurant interior but when people take these photos and share these photos with their friends then you get more exposure.


The theater is the open kitchen in which customers can see the cooks cooking food. Really it is fun for customers. Some customers take the photos and videos of the theater and share these pictures and videos on Instagram. In this way, your restaurant can get more customer and can also get fame. Also, the number of audiences will be going to be crazy by watching these open kitchens.

Food presentation:

Food presentation is also one of the appealing perspectives. The way you present your food is highly noticed by the customers. The plates you use, the cutting style of the food should be appealing. If you have a café then there is a very famous methods called latte art which is getting fame on Instagram. People take photos of the food before eating and also interested in the presentation of food with the taste of the food. Then, they will share the photos on Instagram. There is also another new art which is getting popularity day by day called molecular gastronomy. Customers love to share the new arts of food with their friends on Instagram. In my point of view, restaurants should take help from a food expert or a consultant or in other words hire the food consultant.

Final Words:

Instagram is giving opportunities to a large number of restaurants to expand their business through Instagram. Don’t forget to use the quality hashtags which are related to your restaurant because you can get a large number of audiences through these quality hashtags. You can also get Instagram Likes to grow fast on Instagram with safe organic Interaction.  For higher success rates, share the photos of your restaurant which are of high quality and must be taken from the high-quality cameras or digital cameras. 

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