The Shinobi is arguably the most agile character in For Honor

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The Shinobi joins the samurai faction as an assassin, as a temptress. He is the "Ninja", who became known leaks months ago, and has the same classification as the Orochi. So this new hero class is introduced: "The Shinobi are silent warriors who move gracefully and kill with a precision mechanic, which testifies to lifelong, disciplined training. " For Honor The Shinobi, like all other assassins, has no permanent cover. That is, the cover stays in position only for a limited time. In addition, he has few life points, but is fast and agile. Therefore, he has the attributes "Agile" and "Counterattacks". Be careful not to get hit yourself and then attack quickly.

The Shinobi is arguably the most agile character in For Honor. One of the reasons for this is the Double Dodge. While other characters have a special back step or other unique movement options, the Double Dodge is exactly what it sounds like. The Shinobi performs one dash, then cancels that dash into a second dash. The second dash can be used within a decent amount of time after executing the initial dash. Essentially, you can input the second dash at almost any point in time during the full animation of the initial dash.

When a Double Dodge occurs, the Shinobi disappears for a brief moment in a cloud of smoke. You can cancel any dash into any other dash with the exception of a double back dash. However, the second dash consumes stamina so you can’t Double Dodge endlessly. While the Double Dodge will be more of an offensive tool to get into the Shinobi’s many offensive options, it can be used defensively to avoid certain attacks, especially if you dash to one direction and need to execute a quick back dash to get away from an incoming attack. Come to now, you can Buy For Honor Steel Credits with fast delivery and 100% safety.

From the Double Dodge the Shinobi can execute a Kick, Light Attack or Heavy Attack. Since the Shinobi does not have a unique sidestep attack like some other characters, the Light or Heavy Attack from the Double Dodge is the same Light or Heavy Attack that starts the Shinobi’s combos. Mix this in with the Kick option and you can basically go into almost any one of the Shinobi’s attacks directly from the Double Dodge.

Like the other assassins in For Honor’s hero roster, the Shinobi can perform deflects by dodging in the direction of incoming attacks with the [same timing required for a parry]. Instead of following up into an immediate combo attack or unblockable attack, though, the Shinobi will allow you to teleport behind your opponent and perform a kick or deadly attack combo. While difficult to master, this maneuver will catch your enemies off guard and allow you to juggle them provided you know the Shinobi’s other combos. Use deflect to mix up your combos and keep your opponent on their toes.

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