Pepe Bid Farewell to Bernabeu

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Pepe Bid Farewell to Bernabeu

Besiktas J.K. declared that they were able to sign the 34-year-old Portuguese defender Pepe. when taking part in ten years for Real Spanish capital, Pepe failed to buy fifa 18 coins with them. within the summer he would bid farewell to Bernabeu.

According to playerhot rumored that Pepe and Besiktas signed a three-year contract. within the summer of 2007, Pepe joined Real Spanish capital with thirty million euros from city. throughout ten years, he contend 334 times for Real Spanish capital and scored fifteen goals, serving to Real Spanish capital win 3 La Liga champions, 2 King's Cups, 2 Spanish Super Cup Champions, 3 Champions League champions, a ecu Super Cup champion and 2 World Club Cup champions. Pepe contend a very important role in Real Madrid's defense.

Failing to renew with Real Spanish capital, Pepe was once near be part of Paris Saint-Germain, however ultimately failed to happen, then he selected to buy cheap fifa 18 coins affix Besiktas. In Besiktas, Pepe will get a three.5 million euros annual earnings of the contract, and since he's unengaged to be part of, thus he can receive a three million euros language fee.
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