Latest Social Media Marketing Trends

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Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media is nowadays one of the biggest platform for industries. Due to constant updates, social media platforms are growing in popularity, showing no sign of slowing down. Social media is no longer limited to younger generations, but has now become popular across all age demographics and is an essential marketing tool. Due to this popularity, standout trends are emerging each year.

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The given below are some of the latest social media trends that social media marketers should keep an eye on :

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Filters on social media

The Facial filters were first introduced by Snapchat also known as artificial intelligence facial filters. Nowadays these are being used in almost every social media applications. Nowadays, they are also used on various other social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. This feature is one of the most interactive way to engage users for your social media profile. While not apparently exceedingly impactful, the filters do create a shared enjoy for all folks that have interaction with the utility, forming a feel of network when peoples round the arena use the equal filters.

Short Video Stories And Expiring Content

Short videos and expiring contents are known for its popular feature of lasting for a short period of time. Usually, this type video stories last 24 hours from the time of initial posting. Due to its limited time of visibility, Get Instagram Views, this content becomes very relevant during the period that it is live, drawing users into this form of social media. This types of short time video stories creates a sense of urgency for users to check in periodically, so as not to miss any stories during their “live period.”

Live Video Streams

Live video streams are also becoming increasingly popular like small video stories. These live video streams are also used on Facebook and Instagram nowadays. These live streams encourage users to engage in an interactive, relevant and unfiltered way. They are especially popular for those organizations and reporters who want to give access to their followers to an event they are taking part of.

Social Messaging

Chatbots are one of the most effective feature that the user interacts with via text or via Facebook Messenger, for example, have become an extension of social messaging apps, and experts are agreeing that this is one the biggest upcoming trends. Many businesses are now integrating bots into their setup, as they offer a key way to improve customer service while combining the ease of social messaging with the support of website technicians, making obtaining information a simple task.

Augmented Reality

Last but not least, augmented reality is the next and most exciting trend in social media technology. In February, Pinterest premiered its newest tool called “Pinterest Lens,” which enables users to take photos of objects in the real world and have Pinterest find matches by using an image recognition technology. It’s a very exciting tool, which as it develops will prove helpful for marketers by giving them the tools to reach their market in a variety of unconventional ways.

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